A free-to-play education platform that replaces or supplements traditional education. Students take exams for transferable credit, complete tasks that are graded by peers, receive instruction through on-demand live streaming, and connect in real life through a user-generated co-learning map.

1. Introduction

Education is universally recognized for its power to improve society by evening the starting line. It's equally true that a lack of universal access to education has the power to harm society. In its current form, education is not universally accessible to all and acts as a great barrier to social progress and mobility. It maintains and reinforces class stratification across generations.

A new model of education is needed that democratizes access not just to the content of education, but the credentials or signal that accompanies it. The education system that powers a global meritocracy must decouple personal finances, geography, and existing social status from educational signaling. The resulting signal should stand on its own irrespective of the specific path a student used to achieve it.

2. Earning Credit

Students are presented with a catalog of courses that align with the general expectations of a high school diploma. Each credit has an exam attached to it that is aligned with a predefined textbook. Students may earn credit by exam at their own pace. Shifting the paradigm from time-based progression to competency-based progression.


The web browser is locked down and students are video recorded during testing. Students must earn at least 80% on the final exam to earn course credit. The credit is exportable as a PDF transcript and machine-readable online.


The crediting institution on the credit transcript is Dexter, an accredited K-12 school with a campus in Wichita Falls, TX. Over time, additional accredited institutions will join a consortium, but for the purposes of an individual student, a single accredited institution is sufficient.

3. DEXcoin

Each exam costs DEXcoin to take. Students earn DEXcoin by completing tasks or adding them directly to their wallets. Upon successful confirmation, students earn DEXcoin for completing tasks. They may also earn DEXcoin by providing feedback to others. Students may earn enough DEXcoin through tasks and peer feedback to earn all their credits.


4. Live Instruction

Students have access to regular live instruction through on-platform live streaming. By defining the source material for the final exam, streamers are able to align instruction with what will be tested. Live streaming democratizes access to the world's best instructors.